Thursday, October 10, 2019

Just one

I get asked often when we are going to have more children. Strangers ask if Dylan is my only child.

Yes, Dylan is our only. We have "just" one child. That's how people phrase it. Just one. If you would have told me 5 years ago that we would have one I would have been so happy! For years we didn't know if we would have any children. We didn't know if we would ever be mama and dada. Now we are! How lucky are we!? We get to have holidays and amazing moments with our little boy that we will never forget. Moments that we didn't know would happen or not. We have a special boy that depends on us. A little boy that cries for mama when he gets boo-boos. A little boy that wants dada to play outside with him.

How amazing that our dream of being parents came true!

We didn't imagine having just one. But that just one is beyond amazing.

Our family is the three of us. We are done trying for another. Are we giving up? Sure. But do you know what we are actually gaining? We have the control now. We no longer have to see a specialist, go to dozens of appointments, or have disappointments. I don't have to have invasive procedures, do injections, count my cycle days, or have the depressing moments that come along when things don't go right.

It is a heavy weight off my shoulders to take back my life. Most of my 20s and all of my 30s so far has been consumed by wanting to grow our family.

We are changing our picture of what was supposed to be. We simply are just us now. Just the three of us are pretty perfect.

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