Friday, March 4, 2016

Treatment Update

So here is what's been going on with treatment. I had the hysteroscopy to determine once and for all what my uterus is shaped like. He determined (like the first specialist) that I have an arcuate uterus and not a septum. This is good news. I don't require surgery. So we are a go for IVF in March.

My bloodwork showed I have high prolactin. My specialist started me on a new medication and he wanted me to go in for an MRI of my pituitary gland. I had it done and results came back clear. I am good.

My husband had genetic testing and he is not a carrier of the gene I am a carrier of so we are happy.

We ordered all of our meds! Over $4k later, we have all the meds ready to go for when we need them. We went to the meds injections training.

So now I have done 10 days of injections already. We start adding in more meds to our injection schedule starting tomorrow. These will be the injections that stimulate follicle growth!

Starting next week I will be at the doctor's office about every other day to check my ovaries and see how many follicles are growing. This will be the exciting time. Not sure what to expect since everyone responds differently. We are set for an egg retrieval March 16th. That could change within a day or so. Then 5 days later we will be transferring 2 embryos.

And then we will wait and hope that this works!