Monday, May 23, 2016

The IVF journey

On March 15th, I had my egg retrieval! It was a very exciting day and I had 34 eggs collected! Holy cow, that is a lot! That was a huge success and we were very happy.

On March 20th, we found out we made 10 great looking embryos. We transferred 1 into my uterus and froze the other 9.

Because I had so many eggs, I did develop a slight case of overstimulation. I gained about 10 lbs within 4 days. I started a high sodium diet to help with this. I had a huge belly from the overstimming. That took about a week to go down.

Then we just had to wait. We had positive pregnancy tests at home and positive blood tests at the drs office. My HCG level kept rising and all was looking good.

Then at 6 weeks pregnant I started bleeding. So we went into the dr's office and saw our baby's sac and fetal pole. All looked great!

A week later, we went back for another ultrasound. Our baby was gone. We lost him/her. We were devastated. We have now lost 2 babies exactly 2 years apart. It's not right. We want to be parents!

Now it is a month later. We had our 9 frozen embryos genetically tested. 8 are perfectly normal embryos and look amazing. The 9th embryo was abnormal and had down syndrome.

We are just on a break right now before we do another embryo transfer later this year. We are just hoping that since we had the embryos genetically tested our next pregnancy will be a healthy long one.