Monday, November 23, 2015

Follow up appointment

Well today was our follow up appointment to go over the results of everything.

So here we go..

The genetics testing tested for 100 different genes. I am a carrier of 1 called glutaric acidemia type 1. This means my husband now had to do the genetic testing also to make sure he isn't a carrier of the same gene. He did the bloodwork today and that should come back in about 2 weeks.

The MRI results showed I have a septate uterus. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with an arcuate uterus which is no problem. Now it's being said that it's actually a septate. During my hysteroscopy surgery 2 years ago, that specialist said there was no septum. So here I am again having to worry about this. The new specialist would like me to have another hysteroscopy surgery to determine if the septum needs to be corrected or not. This would have to be done at the hospital. The frustration I feel from the misdiagnosis to now this diagnosis is very upsetting.

The bloodwork I did showed that my thyroid level went from 1.8 three months ago to now a 5.7. It needs to be under a 2. I have been taking the same thyroid med for 2 years, so I have no clue why it all of a sudden jumped to such a high level. So now I have to see an endocrinologist regarding this.

My testosterone level is way too high because of the PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The way you regulate this is with birth control (HA!). So that will not be an option for us.

Now the plan is to do a high dosage of metformin and try to lose weight. Then after 6 weeks, I will be put on medication to make my new cycle start. We will then try metformin and femara together. This combo sometimes helps women with PCOS ovulate. I will be monitored by ultrasound to see if I am responding.

We also have to decide on if I will be doing the surgery again for the septate uterus or if we will wait on that if we proceed with IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization).

So there's that. Just another appointment filled with nothing but bad news and more bad news. I don't know why I ever expect anything other than this.