Monday, September 22, 2014

New cycle canceled

Since I did not respond the last 2 cycles, we had decided to switch to FSH injections and do a higher dosage of it to see if I can respond to that treatment. I did 10 days of provera to induce my next cycle. I went in last week for a baseline ultrasound to get approved to start the injections on cycle day 5. During my ultrasound we found a 32mm cyst! Which means this cycle is canceled. I am now on 3 weeks of birth control which is supposed to make the cyst go down, then once the next cycle starts I will go back in to see if the cyst is gone.

This is very frustrating. We were looking forward to continuing treatment and finding out if maybe this dosage of injections would work for us. Now we have to wait about 4 weeks to go back and hopefully have no issues that will prevent us from doing treatment. 

Just once I would like some good news. Or at least not get bad news.