Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our Plan!

Today we met with a third specialist. It went great! I think he will be the one to help us. We made a plan and I am excited for once!

I am starting provera this weekend to induce my cycle. Once that starts, I will be doing all the pre-testing and doing an office hysteroscopy. He is agreeing with the first specialist that my uterus is an arcuate which is a very good thing. My husband will be doing genetic testing and bloodwork. Once all that is complete, we can meet with the specialist again to go over all the results.

We have a plan of IVF in March! Fingers crossed everything goes well and we will be on track for this.

Our 10th marriage anniversary is May 26th. Wouldn't it be the best anniversary gift to be expecting our little one? We have waited so long and it has to be our time!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

New year, 3rd specialist

Welcome, 2016. Please please be good to us!

We have an appointment in two weeks with a third fertility specialist. I wanted another set of eyes to look at my MRI and see what they think about my uterus shape. I had two specialists tell me two very different things. I want answers. I want to figure this out. I want to do treatment again. I don't want to keep getting held back.

Once we figure out the uterus situation and if I do need surgery, then we can figure out what treatment we will be doing. We might try another injection cycle with the new specialist or move on to IVF.

I just want someone to listen to me and help us. This is already hard enough so getting false information about my health and my body is not right. It's too much. Fingers crossed this specialist will help us straighten everything out and get us on the right path.

Until then, I keep waiting.