Monday, April 22, 2019

Frozen embryo transfer take two

So we must be crazy. And hopeful. And hopefully crazy lucky. We met with our infertility specialist last month to talk about trying for our second baby! Since then I went in for a few more appointments already. I had a sonohysterogram to see if my body could be ready for an embryo transfer. We did find that I have 3 polyps in my uterus.

I had a polyp removed before about 5 years ago. There is anesthesia and IVs involved. Plus it is expensive. So looks like I have to do this again. I have it scheduled for this Wednesday! I remember it being a pretty easy recovery, so let's hope all goes well. If surgery goes smoothly we then have injection training and consent forms to fill out the following week to schedule our IVF transfer.

Here's a look into the schedule that goes into trying to have a baby through a frozen embryo transfer..

- Appt 1: Consult with infertility specialist to talk about trying again. Bloodwork.

- Appt 2: Ultrasound once cycle starts. Bloodwork. Start birth control to keep body dormant.

- Appt 3: Sonohysterogram to check uterus. Pick up medications at pharmacy.

- Appt 4: For me, surgery to remove polyps.

- Appt 5: Injection training and go over medications. Sign consent forms.

Around this time I will stop birth control to get another cycle to start. Start more meds.

- Appt 6, 7, maybe 8: Ultrasounds to check lining. Bloodwork. More meds.

- If all goes well appt 8/9: Frozen embryo transfer.

Then you go back for more appts for bloodwork and ultrasound. Order more meds.

Then you wait to see if all this equals a pregnancy.

This will end up being about a 3-4 month process. If it works, you are over the moon and it was SO worth it! If it doesn't work you have to try again or take a break.

Estimated cost when insurance doesn't help at all: $8,000- $10,000.
If you have to try again: $6,000 each try.

So fingers crossed and baby dust!!!

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