Sunday, March 26, 2017

Before you arrive

Baby Dylan,

As I sit here 37 weeks pregnant with you pushing up on my belly, I wanted to write to you before you arrive into the world. I dream of you all day and can only imagine how our life will change once you are here. I can only imagine seeing your face for the first time, hearing you cry, holding you close to me, kissing your cheeks, and being able to say this is my son. This is so overwhelming for me because for a really long time I did not know if you would be real for us.

We have wanted you for so long and now it's coming true. You will be here in the next 20 days hopefully. I am counting the days because the day you arrive will be the day my heart is full. To know you are half me and half your daddy is the greatest thing I could ever ask for.

Even though I wish I could fast forward to meeting you, I am still soaking in the moments when I feel you move inside my belly. Being your mom and carrying you has been my favorite thing in my entire life. And I know that feeling will grow even stronger once you are here with us.

We will see you soon. I will be the crying woman who holds you tight and won't ever want to let go.

I love you
I love you
I love you


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